Life before kids!

Let’s talk about life before partner and kids….where do I start! I was still living at home with my parents along with my 2 younger brothers, I had a full time job for a while working at the local supermarket Woolworths as a checkout chick for almost 5 years, till I packed that in and decided to follow my love of photography where I started up my own little business from home ( parents home) I had quite a few clients come in and out.

That then died down and I found a new love of crafts… my parents probably sat there going oh another one of your business ideas. Haha. Then came Glitter Galore where I started doing personalised glittered wine glasses which became so popular, from there it grew. I would lay awake at night and all these ideas would pop into my head! “Oh yes I can make that too” it went from doing glittered wine glasses too making kids hair accessories and clothing and so much more…. Pinterest became my new friend for thinking and creating business ideas.

This business I still run to this day just under a new name (ivory rose co). To suit our growing business, yes it may be quite but I still get orders coming in and money in my pockets to help towards those bills that are never ending.

Now back to living at home with my parents…. I had a pretty easy life… went out with friends when I wanted, come home whatever time I wanted. Going to the beach, movies, shopping, I use to love my sleep “I’ll say use to I no longer no what sleep is” #kidscamealong. I remember days where I’d go to bed anytime from 10pm-12pm and then wake up the next day but not get out of bed at all and just binge watch NCIS or bones.

That then use to be followed by gaming yes I was a huge gamer… I’m talking about sitting on my PS4 till god knows what time playing these games! ( These days I barely get to have a little gaming time…. except the sims every now and then haha). Looking back I must have been the most laziest person ever ” I mean I probably 99% was the most laziest person”

I mean my totally awesome parents did absolutely everything for us dinner on the table every night… more like ( dinner where ever we felt like eating). Our washing was done for us the house was kept clean. They paid our bills for us, stuck with no cash they made sure we had some for whatever situation we needed it for. We need driving somewhere they dropped everything they where doing and drove us to where we wanted to go. We where pretty lucky To have great parents.

• Our totally awesome parents.

Now back to life before kids and partner to what life is like now I sit here and realise how much we took for granted living at home with parents. All the responsibility we have now living in our own house, the bills we have to pay and keeping the house clean. Doing everything that our parents use to do for us when we lived at home.

Makes you realise just home much parents did for us. The freedom and friendships we use to have that no longer exists but then comes new friendships and adventures.

4 thoughts on “Life before kids!

  1. Love it! So true… I miss these times 😂❤️ Luckily they come visit every now and then to cook or pick up the slack still 💗 great writing can’t wait to read more xx

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  2. Loved reading this! Good to know I’m not the only one who’s life has completely flipped ( for the best of course) but what I would do to go back in time just for those lazy days binge watching tv and having everything done for me! People that don’t have kids honestly don’t know how easy they have it haha.

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    1. Definitely I’d give anything just to go back for a few days where I can not get out of bed and watch tv uninterrupted And have everything done for you 🙌🏻 people who don’t have kids have no idea how easy they have it haha


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