Ivy-Kate’s Birth story!

Where do I start please know this may be short as my labour was so bloody quick!

The day/early morning before it all happened was just like any other day, i woke up didn’t even bother to get dressed or do my hair, i was going to have the most laziest day ever. So i walked not even 4 metres from the bedroom to the sofa with my pillow and blanket and laid down… wait jumped back up and ran to the toilet to pee again for the 100th time. The one of many joys of pregnancy.

Now my 39+6 weeks pregnant ass sat back on the sofa flicked a movie on with the other half ( he was nice and took 2 weeks off work before my due date and 2 weeks after my due date yay!) Dont ask me what movie i put on because im pretty sure 10 minutes into it and i was asleep haha. hey they do say get as much sleep as you can before baby arrives.

Anyway the day was coming to and end and we jumped into bed around 10pm, though i spent a good hour trying to get comfy. I woke up around 3/3:30am as i needed to pee so of i go again to pee but it was weird when i stepped of the toilet it was like i was still peeing. Then i was like oh my maybe my waters have broken it took me a good half hour to build up the courage to even wake my partner. Don’t ask me why haha.

So i woke him up “Chris i think my waters may have broken” me thinking he would full on panic woke up calmly, i said id call the maternity ward to check what they want me to do. They told me to come in to be checked at this point i thought id be nervous but i was calm myself… maybe watching so many One born every minute helped haha. So i stood up to get my bag together just in case and next minute this huge gush of water came gushing out….. CHRIS!!! GET ME A TOWEL MAYBE TWO HAHA he came running in with towel it was everywhere all over the bed and floor.

my belly at 39 weeks pregnant and 6 days

So i got my bag together and we jumped in the car of to the hospital, i wasn’t having any pains just my belly kept going hard, we got to the hospital and went up to the maternity ward where they hooked me up to a monitor to listen to bubs heart beat and gave me some apple juice to try and wake her up a bit. The monitor was picking up i was having contractions but where all lasting different lengths some where minutes apart some where 10 mins apart. I wasn’t having any pains yet so they said they could examine me to determine if i was dilating or not and then they said i could go home and wait for everything t get a bit more intense.

She went ahead and examined me and said you are 4cms dilated already i was shocked as i was having no pain at all, everything i watched on one born every minute everyone i had watched and was 2cm was screaming the place down but not me. Weird! so of we go back home to let things get further along before we head back to the hospital.

We got home and all off a sudden i was hit with the most intense pain i have ever felt, it was almost like a period pain but 10,000 time worse like someone was digging there way out through my stomach.we went inside and i thought id try and sleep it off a bit so i headed to the bedroom where i sat on the floor leaning over the bed in pain.while Chris was outside having a smoke, i all off a sudden had this feeling like i needed to push there was so much pressure down there and at one point it did push. i shouted to call the maternity ward as i felt like i was needing to push where they told me to come straight back in.

i remember walking from the car park to the hospital door where you have to press the button to be let in omg i was a mess crying shouting to get them to open the bloody door, We where standing there for 5 mins and still no one had let us in until a staff member from outside was walking into work and saw me and grabbed a wheel chair and wheeled us up to maternity ward. They took me straight to birthing suite where they examined me and said i was 10cm and her head was right there, then it was time to push i had one hit of gas and air and it was disgusting so chucked it on the floor and went drug free i pushed for 15-20 mins and she was here.

Our beautiful baby girl Ivy-Kate was born weighing 2760 grams i instantly fell in love crying i had never felt love like that before. While they where cleaning her up and checking over her i was having my whooha stitched up HAHA though i swear that was more bloody painful then giving birth i had to ask for pain relief otherwise im sure the poor lady stitching me up would have been kicked in the face.

Thanks for reading my birth story for Ivy-Kate…. i guess it was abit long haha

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