Primrose’s Birth Story

Right! Before we talk about Primrose’s Birth story lets talk a bit about my pregnancy with her.

So after having an amazing pregnancy with Ivy i thought it would be the same this time round..boy was i wrong! we found out pretty early that i was pregnant probably around 3/4 weeks which was great until i hit 12 weeks. I honestly never cried so hard and so much before, i was standing over the sofa watching Ivy play when all off a sudden it was like i had wet myself, i put my hand down over my pants to realise it was actually blood so i ran super fast to the toilet to clean up.

This blood was just pouring out, i was on the toilet for over 15 mins and it was like pouring out like someone had a tap on slow,i knew something was wrong and my heart sank. I started crying then got myself together to tell my partner i think i should go to the hospital as im bleeding very heavily.I drove myself to the hospital while the partner stayed at home with Ivy last thing we need is a toddler running around the hospital.

I was sent through to a private room and waited to be seen. I had my partners sister with me as i need the support plus she brought me spare clothes… anyway i was sat there my head was saying the baby is still alive as i swear i could feel the tiniest of flutters but then seeing all the blood was telling me i was having a miscarriage. Anyway after a few hours i was finally seen. they did an internal examination and told me what i didn’t want to hear that i was having a miscarriage. I was demanding for a scan so i know 100% that thats what was happening but they said they dont do them after a certain time… BULLSHIT! Anyway i just said id book into my doctor tomorrow morning to get it confirmed.

I was discharged and i was on my way home, feeling sad upset, i barely slept that night. The morning came around slowly an first thing i did was call my doctor to see if he could book me in ASAP for an emergency scan and just mentioned what had happen last night and then said to come straight in. I sat for a good hour in the waiting room at the doctors, i finally got called through i was so nervous, he said how can i help you i just broke down explaining the hospital said i was having a miscarriage and he calmed me down and did a scan and turned to me and said THE BABY IS ALIVE AND HEALTHY!!!

Now lets get into the birth story. I woke up around 3am to pee like every other morning when i wiped i noticed the faintest pink colour on the tissue so put a pad on and jumped back into bed, not long after i started having this feeling of my belly going tight and last 10 seconds then stopped. I decided to get one of those apps where you can track your contractions, so when the next tightening feeling started i hit start on the app. I did this for the next 5/6 tightenings though they weren’t consistent some where 7 mins apart one was 15 mins then a few where only minutes apart.

8:30am came around and was still have the tightenings though no pain i decided to call the maternity ward to let them now that i wasn’t sure if my waters were slowly leaking and that i was have tightenings, they asked me to come in. I called Sarah ( my partners sister) as shes not even 5 mins down the road and asked if she could come watch ivy for us.She rocked up half hour later and me and Chris headed of to the hospital.

I was hooked up to the baby monitor machine so they could check up on bub and see if i was having contractions and how far apart they where i stayed on this machine for half hour. After that she gave us the option to either go home or said because of how quick my first labour was we could go straight into a birthing suite, i decided to stay as i didn’t want to go home just to come back in again like Ivys birth.

Once in the birthing suite i decided to stay standing up because it help with baby working her way down and i wanted things to get more intense, i was having no pains with my contractions yet just that tight belly feeling. Then all off a sudden they just hit me out of know where, The pain was insane and was thinking SHIT its only going to get worse from here. I believe i have a very high pain threshold as the pain i could bare for now!

I asked if they could examine me so i could see how far along i was where they told me i was 4cm dilated, The pain started to get really bad i was pacing the room hiding in the bathroom when i was about to get a pain so that Chris didn’t see me haha. It was just getting worse and worse and worse so i had Chris run the shower over my back but that didn’t help at all. They did offer the gas and air but i was determined to do it drug free like i did Ivys. I even jumped into there bath but i ended up just getting too hot and needed to get out

It got to the point where i decided to lay down for a few hours but it wasn’t helping with the progression of dilating as i was still 4 cm so i decided to stand up for a bit boy did that get things moving. within half hour i felt like i needed to push so i jumped back on the bed and lent over the top part of the bed and started pushing… i forgot how painful it was haha i only did about 10 pushes and little miss primrose was born. she was a spitting image of what ivy looked like when she was born and couldn’t wait till ivy came in to see her new baby sister.

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