Breastfeeding journey

so let me talk about my breastfeeding journey..BUT before i do please understand everyone has a completely different experience when it comes to breastfeeding.

A bit about breastfeeding with Ivy!

Well breastfeeding with ivy in my eyes was the worst ever. so many words pop into my head when i think of our journey …. (toe curling pain, guilt,). Being my first bubba i had no idea what i was in for, the first day she latched amazing in the hospital then the next day the sore blood blistered cracked nipples appeared! It was that bad i was crying every feed time so we ended up putting her on formula.few weeks later the guilt started to sink in how i failed to provide the nutrition’s my daughter needed from me in those first 6 weeks. so the following weeks we spent $300+ on trying to get her back on the boob from medication to bring in more milk, breast pumps, lactation consultant to foods with very little results so we just ended up sticking to formula. No biggy she still turned out 100% healthy and fine.

Breastfeeding journey with primrose to current date!

Now as soon as i found out i was pregnant with our second i started doing so much research on breastfeeding the dos and the dont’s. This made me physically and mentally prepared for pretty much anything when it came to breastfeeding for the second time round.

After having the WORST experience ever with ivy i was 100% determined to make it work this time round and wasn’t going to give in easily.

At 37 weeks i was given the all clear by my midwife that i could start collecting colostrum to freeze or if needed to take to the hospital with me, i collected a very decent amount which made me super stoked and gave me even more confidence that i could make this work.

Fast forward to 39 weeks and little miss Primrose was born…we tried her on the boob straight away but she was so content she didn’t want a bar of it. An hour later we tried again which she latched so perfectly then they moved us round to the ward where we stayed just for the night.

I swear being your second baby they dont give much of a toss about you so they barely came round to check on me or baby unless it was for there routine check up they needed to do. Being so sleep deprived for the first day i had started a bad latch every time i was putting her on the boob, which resulted in sore blood blistered nipples!

Once home the pain continued… what was i doing wrong! I had done so much research i thought id have this worked out but its totally different. Anyway a few days later we went back to the hospital for her hearing/heel prick test and she showed me some great ways for getting her to latch properly.

We worked out the best position and that was holding my boob like a burger and doing the nip flip into her mouth as she was so small and i has such big milk engorged boobs this was the perfect pain free way i could feed till about 6 weeks old.

After those first 6 weeks it has all been smooth sailing from them till current date as she is still breastfeeding at the age of 14 months old. I have no idea when she will stop ill shall let her self wean when she is ready. She currently only feeds at night with the odd feed during the day.

I will check back in at some point an update you all on our journey as the months go by.

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